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TJM0000117 - Happy Birthday Surprise
Two pieces of colorful tissue paper are placed together and torn into many small bits. When opened, they have restored themselves into the shape of a birthday cake. There's more, as yards of streamers are produced and lastly, a beautiful paper birthd More . . .

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TJM0000106 - Flash Paper - 4 Sheets Per - Black
A mainstay in the magician’s bag of tricks. Specially treated paper that is used to create a burst of fire. Used in many effects where you need to create a flash such as vanishing a coin, producing a dove, or shooting a ball of fire. Sold to adults More . . .

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TJM0000324 - Bongo Hat
A children's "dress up" comedy effect, with an unexpected climax. The performer attempts to place a small hat on the assisting spectator's head. It falls off, as it is obviously "too small". Performer unfolds it to a larger hat, in a different color More . . .

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