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TJM0000279 - Drink To Silk
A colored liquid poured into a clear glass tumbler magically freezes and turns into a silk of the same color when the glass is inverted. Silk is removed, and the glass seen completely empty. No slush powder or chemicals used. Mechanical glass, for us More . . .

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TJM0000103 - Crystal Cut Milk Pitcher W/Book
A pitcher of milk is displayed. Then a paper bag or a sheet of newspaper formed into a cone is picked up by a magician. The milk from the pitcher is poured into the bag or paper cone. Now magi says a magic word and the paper is crushed. The milk has More . . .

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TJM0000107 - Chinese Rice Bowls - Stage Size
Two large silver bowls are used in this oriental mystery. Fill one bowl with rice (or Puffed Rice), level it off and cover it with the other bowl. In an instant, the rice doubles in quantity. Do it again, and this time the rice magically turns into c More . . .

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