Floating Ball Magic

By Roy Fromer. Over 80 ideas, routines and variations. You will not only learn how to float balls but many other objects including balloons, boxes, bulbs, blocks, eggs, kites, puppets, canes, cards, microphones, telephones, heads, hats, hands, horns, among other things. Roy Fromer has chosen to "now think" and update the Miracle Ball for the benefit of both beginners and experts. We know that all will find instructive material herein. The 36 pages are jammed with information. Introduction Publisher’s Note The Basic Routine Publisher’s Suggestions Ball Suspension From Rope The Ashra Ball Routine Ball On Book Suspension Instant No Gimmick Method Clinging Ball Another Magnet Idea Floating Balloon "No Hole" Miracle Ball Color-Changing Silk Interlude The Miracle Seance Miracle Writing A Production The Vanishing Miracle Ball A New Miracle Ball Method Cigar Box Juggling Double Miracle Ball Balance Balancing Ball On Handkerchief Balancing Ball On Wand Or Cane Balancing Ball On Rope Balancing Ball On Jumbo Card Fan Balancing Egg On Fan Impromptu Miracle Ball Umbrella Routine Bouncing Ball Gag Fingertip Balance Another Clinging Ball 3 Methods For "The Ghostly Ball" Still Another "Clinging Ball" The Dunninger Floating Ball Another Dunninger Method An Idea With "The Pop-Up Tie" Casper, The Friendly Ghost Roll-Up Gimmick Miracle Floating Bulb The Giant Zombie Emergency Miracle Ball Kite Komedy Routine The Self-Knitting Sweater The Floating Puppet Miracle Puppet Show The Ghost Silk A Finger "Tip" The William A. Russell Floating Ball Miracle Floating Card Miracle Card Rise (Stage Presentation) A Suggestion For Discovering Floating Ball Methods The Thurston Rising Ball The Miracle Cloth The Floating Microphone The Roving Microphone Uncle Roy's Tongue-In-Cheek Esoteric Exotica The Cape Of Dracula Claude Soucie Presentation Soucie Patter #1 Soucie Patter #2 The Electric Ball Brandy Snifter Rise Color Changing Ball The Floating Fone Balloon Ascension Rocket Rise 2001 (A Space Odyssey) The $50.00 Miracle Indian Rope Trick A Comedy Act "The Miracle Dog" For Magicians Only The Original Zombie Routine Some Ideas From The Black Light Theatre Of Prague Heads: Your Head Floats Hats: The Rising Hat Hands: The Floating Hand Horns: The Floating Bicycle Horn Living Letters The Floating Fountain Electric Card Rise Miracle Cane "The Floating Orb"

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