Appearing Bird Cage - Large

This is the slickest and biggest Appearing Bird Cage to come along in years. It folds into a slender package, and is easily hidden behind your table or your assistant. "Steal" it, and with a twist of the wrist, you are seen to be holding a gigantic bird cage. You can even have a LIVE bird inside. For the professional performer looking for an outstanding and exclusive production item in a big stage show, the Large Production Bird Cage is one of the best props. The performer magically produces a large bird cage, with a live bird, from under a draped foulard, or from a large production box, shown empty. The cage can be produced with a live Dove or baby Pigeon, or other small bird, which has ample space in the folded cage. There is no cruelty to the bird. The cage is not designed as a body load production item. It can be stolen from behind an assistant’s back, or from behind a suitable cover such as the back of a draped table. Made from stainless steel, to give a long lasting, rust free prop, this measures 21″ in length and 3.75″ in diameter in the folded loading state, and expands to a bird cage 18″ in height and 15″ in diameter when produced.

$125.00 (1) IN STOCK