The Escape by TJ Moore

The Effect: Three cards are placed face down on the table and spread apart from each other. The performer picks up one card and places it in his hand facing him. He then picks up another card and places it next to the first. He then picks up the last card and places it next to the previous. All three cards spread at all times to show there are no slights or switching. He then turns the cards over to show the faces. The two cards on the outside are the exact same cards and are different colors than then one in the middle. For example; the outside cards are the six of spades and the center card is the six of hearts. The performer then turns the cards over again without disturbing the order and keeping them spread always. He then removes the center card (six of hearts) and places it face down on the table. He turns over the other two cards in his hand to show the only remaining card are the two outside cards (six of spades). The performer then turns over the card on the table to show it too is a six of spades. The six of hearts has escaped!

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